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Photo of Gabe and Garnette


                            Information on H Litter


           4 puppies born 4/30/2012  - 3 males/1 female

        Click here to see photos and videos of the puppies

         Photo of Garnette     Photo of Garnette exiting tunnel


                             Good Time Girl De La Fusee AX, MXJ, MF
                   BSD-3753F35F, BSD-EL1465F35, CERF BSD-346958 2/2011,CHIC # 71195


                       Photo of Kris


                  DC Krisnas Hekate Kuymal HSAs HXAd HXCs
                            BSD-3617G27M, BSD-EL1338M27, CERF BSD 1743/2008
               More information on Kris is available at
                                          See Pedigree